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Scaling Back Screen Time

Quick check: how many hours have you spent looking at a screen in the past 24 hours? How about the past 48 hours? We have all likely heard the adverse effects that increased screen time has on development. Still, it is astonishing to learn just how much time Americans devote to screens in our everyday lives and what types of behaviors are developing because of that screen time, particularly when looking at youth development.

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Social Media Use Among Teens

There is no doubt that social media use is a favorite activity among teens.  According to a national study conducted by the Common Sense Census …

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Resilient Families PROSPER

What is resilience in the first place?  We’ve been hearing a lot about resiliency the past few years so let’s take a second to define it. Resilience has been described as strength in the face of adversity, being able to adapt to change, bouncing back from challenging times and sustaining one’s wellbeing.

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Wanted: Family Fun Facilitators

Do you enjoy working with families and youth? If so, you could be a perfect fit for our PROSPER Northeast Regional facilitator training for the …

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Bringing PROSPER to Susquehanna County

Are you interested in bringing PROSPER to your school district? Penn State Extension is looking for dedicated schools and communities to partner with to expand their youth and family-building programming within Susquehanna County.

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The national prescription drug take back day is april 24th

The National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is April 24th

What do you do with all your old prescription medications that you don’t need or that have expired? Do you flush them? Do you dispose of them in the garbage? No, the best way to dispose of unwanted or expired prescription medication is to take it to a local Prescription Drug Take Back Box.

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