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Scaling Back Screen Time

Quick check: how many hours have you spent looking at a screen in the past 24 hours? How about the past 48 hours? We have all likely heard the adverse effects that increased screen time has on development. Still, it is astonishing to learn just how much time Americans devote to screens in our everyday lives and what types of behaviors are developing because of that screen time, particularly when looking at youth development.

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Resilient Families PROSPER

What is resilience in the first place?  We’ve been hearing a lot about resiliency the past few years so let’s take a second to define it. Resilience has been described as strength in the face of adversity, being able to adapt to change, bouncing back from challenging times and sustaining one’s wellbeing.

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Bringing PROSPER to Susquehanna County

Are you interested in bringing PROSPER to your school district? Penn State Extension is looking for dedicated schools and communities to partner with to expand their youth and family-building programming within Susquehanna County.

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Dealing with stress

Dealing with Stress

Dealing with stress can be challenging for everyone. During this pandemic and unexpected time of change and uncertainty – many youths are experiencing more stress than normal.

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Celebrate the holidays with family and friends safely

Celebrate the Holidays with Family and Friends Safely

This year our holiday celebrations will likely be different than in years past. We may not be able to be together with loved ones and friends, but we can still celebrate together while maintaining social distancing and staying safe. Our traditions may need to be adjusted so we can still enjoy the season and have fun with friends and family. Here are some ideas for celebrating the holidays virtually.

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The Power of Compliments

The closure of schools and businesses due to COVID-19 has created upheaval for most families. If you have children between the ages of 10 and 14 you know that keeping them occupied and content can be challenging. By following this series, you will discover ideas and activities you can do with your rising teenager that are fun, increase resilience in youth, and build strong relationships in your family.

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