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Strengthening Families Program: for Parents and Youth 10-14

The Strengthening Families Program: for Parents and Youth 10-14 (SFP 10-14) is an evidence-based, interactive, 7-session family skill building program for parents/caregivers and their youth ages 10-14 that aims to prevent adolescent substance misuse. SFP 10-14 benefits all families, not just high-risk families, by reducing risks and building skills. During SFP 10-14 family sessions, parents and youth practice skills together that help build stronger relationship bonds and improve their communication and problem-solving abilities. The parent sessions focus on using “love and limits” to guide, nurture and effectively discipline their children. The youth sessions focus on goal setting, healthy stress management, conflict resolution, peer pressure resistance, parent/caregiver appreciation, and friendship skills. SFP 10-14 has been proven effective for delaying initiation and reducing substance use, reducing aggressive behaviors, reducing depression and increasing academic achievement.

Supporting families

What do parents and kids have to say about SFP 10-14?

While I felt we had a strong family, attending the program reinforced our commitment for continued improvement of showing love and setting limits. Our son learned valuable information on how to resist peer pressure and stand strong. It was well worth our time!

I didn’t want to go at first but I’m glad I did because it was so much fun! Plus, I learned steps to handle peer pressure and deal with stress.

Strengthening Families Program: for Parents and Youth 10-14 Session Topics

SFP 10-14 has 7 weekly sessions that are 2 hours each. During sessions, parents and youth learn separately for the first hour and come together to share what they learned by doing a family activity together during the second hour. Session topics are described below.
Parent: Using Love and Limits— Young people develop positive qualities when parents show love and have firm, appropriate limits and stick to them.
Youth: Having Goals and Dreams— Identifying goals and dreams motivate, inspire, improve and help all people in attaining a future you want to achieve.
Parent: Making House Rules— Knowing young people are changing in many ways, it helps to know what is normal for their age and what is appropriate to expect from them.
Youth: Appreciating Parents— Acknowledging parents’ stress, frustrations and difficulties helps children appreciate the things their parents do and provide them.
Parent: Encouraging Good Behavior— People of all ages learn best when others let them know what they’re doing right. Positive reinforcement, compliments and using a point chart encourage positive behaviors.
Youth: Dealing with Stress— Learning to identify situations that cause stress and symptoms of stress help youth cope with stress in healthy ways.
Parent: Using Consequences— All teens make mistakes and sometimes parents need to give negative reinforcements (penalties and negative consequences) when they don’t follow the rules. Consequences work best when they are given right way—small penalties for small problems and big penalties for big problems.
Youth: Following Rules— Everyone has rules and responsibilities, adults and young people and things go better when people follow the rules at home, school and in their community.
Parent: Building Bridges— Good communication is one of the most important things in a family. Learning to really listen when your teen comes to you with a problem is one of the best ways to let you know him or her know you care.
Youth: Dealing with Peer Pressure— Learning that tobacco, alcohol and drugs can hurt you and keep you from your future goals, youth practice skills for resisting peer pressure.
Parent: Protecting Against Substance Abuse— Parents make a big difference in what their teens do regarding alcohol, tobacco and drugs.
Youth: Peer Pressure and Good Friends— Youth continue to learn steps for resisting peer pressure and qualities of good friends.
Parent: Getting help for Special Family Needs— All families can use extra help and support at times of special need. Strong families can help others access support and/ or ask for help during hard times.
Youth: Reaching Out to Others— Youth learn ways to be of service to others and interact with older teen role models.

Virtual SFP 10-14

Are you teaching the family skill building Strengthening Families Program: for Parents and Youth 10-14 (SFP: 10-14) virtually? If yes, save time and effort by using our free virtual SFP: 10-14 presentation resources to make your program run with ease and expertise.

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Interested in participating in SFP 10-14?

There are PROSPER partners in many communities across Pennsylvania. Search for a PROSPER community near you to find and sign up for a local SFP 10-14.