Considering and Catching Up on Cannabis Science: Opportunities and Implications for Prevention

With increasing potency/concentration of cannabis being seen in states with legal non-medical or medical cannabis, there has also been emerging research on the effects of these high potency products. In this webinar, Dr. Jason Kilmer of the University of Washington, will review what prevention and treatment professionals need to know about cannabis in 2024, including ways in which use of cannabis can contribute to academic outcomes and mental health issues. In addition to reviewing research on cognitive impacts, impaired sleep, mental health, and cannabis use disorder, we will review prevention and intervention opportunities.

This webinar is one in a series created by the REACH (Resilient, Engaged & Active Community Health) project, which provides support and resources to rural communities and stakeholders in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia to address substance misuse disorder and mental health disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery. A central part of the project is a series of monthly live webinars focused on the needs of our rural communities and stakeholders in our region.

This video was produced by the Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center as part of the Rural Opioid Technical Assistance Regional (ROTA-R) initiative, grant #1H79TI085603-01, supported by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

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